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Young Artiste tries to create awareness about mental health

February 18, 2018

Most artists have looked inwards to find the strength to turn personal trauma into a means to help others. “Skii came to me while I was travelling extensively through Canada and came across these street artists who fascinated me. Skii became this person who is as spontaneous and entertaining as these artists but as silent as the disease,”

WHY, The Imaginary Friend & I

August 14, 2015

The Bauhaus Chair is known as the Wassily Chair in modern times. It is a particular design for a chair. However I refer to this chair as the “audition chair” which an actor or artist would need; the first chair that gives any artist that one opportunity to showcase their talent before the world.
The Imaginary is a term coined by Jacques Lacan. He regarded the ‘imago’ as the proper study of psychology and identification as the fundamental psychical process. The imaginary was then the dimension of images, conscious or unconscious, perceived or imagined.

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"A magician makes the visible, invisible.
A mime makes the invisible, visible."



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